понедельник, 28 июня 2010 г.

Emeto Designs Lucky Day

Emi(Emeto) has released a new Gorgeous kit! I advise you to buy it!!!

Lucky Day contains over 60 elements saved in png files and 11 jpg files each 12''x12'' for papers.

Kit is available here:

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GSO Thanks Wendy85

GSO SPD Thanks DolceVita

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пятница, 25 июня 2010 г.

By The Sea by Palvinka Designs

This awesome kit include: 

12 beautiful papers (12x12 ,.JPG 300DPi)
103 original elements (.png 300DPi, with realistic shadowed version)
5 overlays (original cluster - ready to use)
3 wordart
1 alpha

1 blogtemplate (blogbanner, blogbackround)

Available at SPD

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четверг, 24 июня 2010 г.

Kimla Designs - Tickle the sun

This kit is bright, in warm and juicy colours. Kimla try to desing something delicate and unique so you will find there lots of delicate brushes, flowers and natural elements, together with pack of unique papers.

Tickle the Sun includes:
- 11 papers

- about 70 elements

S4H friendly pack of 4 QP, created by amazing LO Artists -
Paola and Seameaw, members of Kimla's CT

available here


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вторник, 22 июня 2010 г.

Do You believe in Magic?

Then this month Creative Fusion created by Studio Girls is must to have for You :D

Part SussieM of Creative Fusion - Enchanted Forest... 
A place where magic reveals and little fairies help You dream the most colorful dreams :D
Mini kit contains 5 beautiful papers [all in 3600 x 3600 pix and 300 dpi] and 30 enchanted elements.

All files saved as .png in 300 dpi.

Part Em-Ka Designs of Creative Fusion - Mother Goose;

Mini kit contains 5 different , delicate papers and 25 elements full of colours. 
You are all invited to do some shopping and to have fun!

Kit is available here:

Part SussieM Enchanted Forest


Part Em-Ka Designs Mother Goose


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RAK for Marzenka and little Zuzia.

GSO Thanks Jimena

RAK for Magda Lena and her beautiful son

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суббота, 19 июня 2010 г.

Spring Tales & Bunny Trails by Holly Designs

Looking for that perfect kit to scrap all your spring and Easter photos? Look no further! This charming kit is filled with gorgeously unique, whimsical, and hand-crafted elements that are perfect for all of your springtime photos!!

Be sure to check out the additional previews for MANY examples of the kit in action!! All papers are 12"x12" jpg files. All elements are png files. Most elements also come in shadowed versions. Everything created at 300dpi.

Kit is available here:


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пятница, 18 июня 2010 г.

"Under Candytrees" by Shayarka Designs

Сегодня вышел удивительный набор "Under Candytrees" у Жени Shayarka. Набор невероятно красивый, сладкий и красотчный.

Приобрести такую красоту можно:

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Обязательно загляните на блог Жени, так там Вас ждут купоны и небольшой подарок:

вторник, 15 июня 2010 г.

HighFourDesigns Dirty Corner

New Kit HighFourDesigns is in the store!!! 
This wonderful Kit is perfect for dark and dirty scenes or clusters.

 This unique and wonderful Kit include:

74 unique Elements with and without shadowing, 300 dpi
10 wonderful dirty Papers, 300 dpi, 3600x3600 (12x12 inch)

at the first week
Save: 25% off
€4.99 €3.74

Kit is available here:

Angels Scrap Shop

Also don't forget to visit blog HighFourDesigns for freebie:
HighFourDesigns Blog

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RAK for wendy85 and her beautiful DD

GSO Thanks Vicusya

RAK for Taty00

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понедельник, 14 июня 2010 г.

Holly Designs "Free Spirit" Collection

"Free Spirit" is a whimsical collection of lovely elements; all hand drawn, painted, and embellished with a unique touch, such as gems and/or hand-stitching! All elements also come with a bonus shadowed version.


-15 elements

+ BONUS gifts (scallop frames in 4 colors, white double frame, 2 flourish dot circles, and one custom layered frame)

Kit is available here:


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четверг, 10 июня 2010 г.

collab ''Cute as a button'' by Lily and Kimla Designs

Cute as a button

collaboration kit by kimla designs and lily designs

Beautiful, huge collab - over 500 MB digital scrapbooking goodies, lots of beautiful vintage elements, arrangments, ready to use wordarts, brushes and gorgeous papers. Everything what you need to make your LO's truly amazing.

Cute as a button collab kit includes:

- 21 papers
- about 100 elements (mostly with realistic shadowed version)
- alpha
all 300 dpi!

available here


Is your baby cute as a button ?!

I am sure she or he is !

Your baby will look just beautiful in Lily's newest kits Cute as a Button !
70 elements

available here


GSO Thanks Mostery

GSO Thanks Fehnmaus and akizo