четверг, 27 января 2011 г.

Found in the cabbage by Kimla designs

kit includes:
9 papers
60 elements (some with realistic shadowed version)
papers add on
3 QP Albumavailable here

After5 Design

my pageGSO Thanks zojinka and frezia

I love Pink by Lily Designs

Perfect kit for newborns, Valentines, baby shower invitation and all who love pink!
18 papers
46 elements
4 word arts
8 decorative painted elements (Paint the background folder)

available here

After5 Design

my page


среда, 26 января 2011 г.

пятница, 21 января 2011 г.

Snowkissed by By Becca

Snowkissed is filled with the enchanting contrast of winter whites, warm chocolate browns, soft blush and ice pink. It is perfect for all those special winter moments as well as the everyday. It contains 11 papers in a mix of patterns and semi solids plus a bonus of 5 solid cardstocks. There are 50 elements (57 with variations of color and design) and a full alpha including numbers and some symbols. All elements and papers are created at 300 dpi for optimal printing results.

Kit is available here:

9th & Bloom

my page

GSO Thanks Billa, dida1357 and MACAFUS

четверг, 20 января 2011 г.

Love & Light by Createwings Designs

70 elements not including different versions
9 unique papers (plus one with 2 versions = 10 papers)
1 Alpha lowercase a - z ( comes with 2 versions, with stitches and with out)

Kit coming today here:

my page

GSO Thanks Lanar07

вторник, 18 января 2011 г.

A5D On the House Challenge Freebie Nature Lover by Micheline Martin

Nature Lover includes:
3 High Quality 12X12 Papers
8 Super Fun Elements

available for FREE from 5th Jan 2010 till 4th Feb 2011

Available here:


my pageGSO Thanks dida1357

пятница, 14 января 2011 г.

Touch + BONUS WA by Damayanti Studiov + Simple Staps Part 8 by WendyP Designs

Kit includes 47 elements and 11 papers. BONUS 6 WA

available here:

my page

GSO Thanks Eden, honeyb and dida1357

Simple Staps Part 8 by WendyP Designs
available here:

четверг, 13 января 2011 г.

Bathhouse + Bathhouse add on by et designs

Great, hilarious kit full of foam and original elements. You can scrap your kids in the bath or yourself as you relax. Kit has actually many variants.

Kit contains
68 png elements / Most of the elements is also with a shadow version /
13 papers / 8 different papers + 5 papers with floor /

Mini kit includes

15 different png elements /and plus recolored elements/
2 photomasks
most of elements are also with shadow variantKits is available here:

my pageGSO Thanks MACAFUS and Niiki

GSO A5 Thanks mummyd

среда, 12 января 2011 г.

Butterfly kisses Bundle by Natali

A complet of :
Butterfly kisses kit
Butterfly kiss overlays and wordarts
Butterfly kisses clipping masks
Butterfly kisses alpha sets

Kit is available here:


my page


вторник, 11 января 2011 г.

понедельник, 10 января 2011 г.

Love Song WendyP Designs+Snowflake cluster Part 4 by Busy Bee Designs

this kit contains

74 elements in PNG
10 papers in JPEG 3600x3600
1 alpha in PNG

available here:

my page

GSO Thanks Maaarcia and sarah10310

Snowflake cluster Part 4 by Busy Bee Designs
available at

пятница, 7 января 2011 г.

Winter Sweets by NatashaNaSt Designs

This kit contains:
12 papers in JPG, 12x12;
104 elements in PNG;

Kit is available here:

my page

GSO Thanks Madgentis

четверг, 6 января 2011 г.

Beloved by kimla designs

Beautiful vintage inspired kit with tones of unique elements and delicate papers.
kit includes:
50 elements (almost everything with realistic shadowed version)
13 papers
decorative tags
ready to use Wordarts and Overlays
pack of 4 photomasks

available here

After Five Designs

my page


среда, 5 января 2011 г.

Optimistic - A5D January Collab

23 Gorgeous 12"x12" .jpg papers
Approximately 123 elements (including wordart) in .png format
3 Layered templates (TIF and PSD format)

Participating Designers: Dido Designs; emeto designs; et designs; HGD by Laurie Ann; Kristin Aagard Designs; Marta Designs; and Nikki Beaudreau Designs

available here

After5 Design

my page

GSO Thanks dida1357

понедельник, 3 января 2011 г.

Wishes by By Becca + January:Vintage Corner@ 9th & Bloom

It contains 14 beautifully detailed papers and more than 50 unique elements all created at 300 ppi for optimal printing results.
available at


my page for January: Vintage Corner@ 9th & Bloom

GSO Thanks irishgull

Snowflake cluster Part 3 by Busy Bee Designsavailable at