среда, 14 июля 2010 г.

Sea Dreaming by Holly Spring Designs

Sea Dreaming is a beautiful collection of over 50 unique elements (most with their own shadowed versions), 18 Papers, 2 wordarts and a full alpha (upper and lowercase + numbers). Enjoy your perfect Summer escapism!
Included in this kit:
18 Papers
1 Alpha (upper and lowercase + numbers)
2 Wordarts
1 Overlay
56 Unique Elements (many wilth realistic shadowed versions)
Featuring: Shells, Driftwood, Seabirds, Pearls, Flowers, Plants,
Starfish, Frames, Boat, Ship helm, Beach Umbrella, Barometer
Feathers, Ribbon, Bubbles, Cloud, Basket, Hook, Water ripples

Button, Sea Sponge, Light arc, Woven latch.

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GSO Thanks Jimena

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  1. очень милая страничка! София в волшебной стране))