среда, 15 сентября 2010 г.

Autumn breath by emeto designs+Easy Breezy, Part 14 by Busy Bee Designs

Falling leaves and bouncing squirrels, misty overlays and dark branches, sudden rain and stolen sunbeams...with this kit you can re-crate all varieties of autumn moods.
No mater if you prefer muted earthy colors or you like more bold and picturesque sights, Autumn breath gives you the possibilities of many color combinations. Fun and whimsical you'll enjoy using it over and over.

The kit contains 40 elements and 11 12''x12'' papers.

Kit is available here:

9th & Bloom

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GSO Thanks Madgentis
RAK to Violet
GSO Thanks Shawna34 and Besнуshka
Scrap Art Gallery
Easy Breezy, Part 14 by Busy Bee Designs

available September 17 at

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